Mexico in a bottle

Denver Taco Festival presents:
Mexico in a bottle.

Mexico In a Bottle

Mexico in a bottle will be featured at this years Denver Taco Festival.

A celebration of Mexican agave spirits and craft beer for you to enjoy. Mexico in a bottle is an event within an event. Attendees at the Denver Taco Festival will have the opportunity to enter an exclusive area to taste an amazing array of tequila, mezcal, Mexican craft beers, talk to experts, and engage in hands on special programming.

Mexican craft agave spirits and beer are the embodiment of Mexico. Agave spirits are more than just a beverage, they represent more than 500 years of history and culture. Mezcal’s story isn’t just about alcohol, each bottle contains a piece of Mexican culture, and is a living link to history, tradition, art, and music. It is life and death all in a bottle. Mexico in a Bottle celebrates that identity.




What can you expect:

  • –  Each participating brand will have a table and will pour their mezcals or beverages. We will have a great selection of brands available for you to sample.
  • –  We’ll focus on artisanal brands currently available in the United States and small production mezcals that you probably have not seen yet.
  • –  Guided tastings and talks: Experts and aficionados will lead conversations exploring the different aspects of mezcal as it relates to flavors, culture, regions, and terroir.
  • –  A center stage cocktail bar demonstrating the unlimited potential of mezcal cocktails
  • –  All occur simultaneously across the venue

Beer Tastings

– We will incorporate a select group of Mexican craft beers that are re-defining the beer industry in Mexico.

Cocktails 101

  • –  A center stage cocktail bar featuring some of Denver’s most innovative bartenders talking about how they use mezcal in cocktails as they mix samples for the audience.
  • –  Espadin: Mezcal’s merlot. It embodies terroir, is the most cultivated and sustainable maguey, but it gets no respect. We will taste a spectrum of espadin mezcals while discussing why it’s such an important agave.
  • –  Mezcal vs Tequila – The truths, the myths, and how it all comes down to the agave.
  • –  A chef’s palette. A chef discuss how mezcal pairs with food and the flavor profiles thatemerging with each combination.

Note: A separate ticket is required to enter this portion of the event. You must also choose a GA or VIP ticket for entry to the Taco Fest.