2021 Chihuahua Race Registration


The Sawaya Law Firm is thrilled to sponsor this year’s Chihuahua Races – For the last several years they have made it a mission to get a pet adopted from a shelter each month through their Facebook page (and yes, they’ve succeeded)! If you love justice, dogs, and hot sauce…this is the law firm for you!

Here it is kids! Your chance to get your little racer the notoriety they deserve. Start your training now, the challenge is great but we know your team has what it takes to be "THE FASTEST CHIHUAHUA IN DENVER!"the management.

Special thanks to our nonprofit race partner

The chihuahua race at DTF is an outreach program dedicated to helping dogs in need of homes get as much exposure as possible.
We could not do it with out the support and dedication of such organizations as Lola's Rescue. Please visit and support them in any way you can.

Lola's dog rescue logo

Help us help them!

The Denver Taco Festival has been helping dogs find homes since year 1. Please support our partners so they can help dogs in need!

L.O.L.A.’S Rescue is a volunteer, non-profit animal rescue organization.
We are based in Colorado, providing services for Colorado and surrounding states.

Our rescue was founded on the idea of being able to save as many at risk animals as
possible from uncertain futures, while upholding the highest regard and values for animals in our care.

Our concentration is on animals from high kill shelters and at-risk animals in abuse,
neglect, and abandonment situations. Reducing the number of euthanasia (due to overcrowding) in our shelters and surrounding areas.

We rehabilitate these animals so they can be placed in amazing, loving homes without the threat of an uncertain future.